Welcome to ideo.

We were a small consultancy specialising in the formulation of R&D and innovation strategies and the planning and management of programmes to realise those strategies. We have now closed down, but some of the repositories that we held on behalf of clients are still to be found here. However, you cannot access them directly from this home page. Please email Bob for the URL and any security requirements for access.

Also still here are some thoughts on how to formulate research objectives, in the context of adding to scientific knowledge.

Our principal was Bob Malcolm (i.e. me). I am now more or less retired, though I still give occasional lectures and advice on things like R&D strategy. Follow my link for examples of my work and to find out about my background.

And by popular request, a PDF version of Bob's Brief Guide to Business Planning 'de-anonymised', at last.


For more information contact: bobm@ideo.co.uk