Systems Integration


During the late 90's, systems integration was identified by Foresight, DTI and EPSRC as a key concern for a wide range of industrial, commercial and public service sectors. DTI and EPSRC addressed these concerns in the Systems Integration Initiative. DTI established an evolving programme to establish directions for industry and the needs of industry; EPSRC sponsored a 20M programme of industrially-oriented academic research to understand and address the needs.

The EPSRC programme has concluded, and the DTI elements evolved have been absorbed into the evolving Technology Programme. This page is retained, however, to offers links to:

The EPSRC Systems Integration Programme

The primary source of information about the aims of the programme, the projects that were supported in the programme, and cross-programme activities.

"Systems Integration 2005 - issues for industry & academe"

a report on the 'Swan' (hotel) workshop held in February 2000, to establish strategic direction for DTI & EPSRC.

"Systems Integration - Collaborative Business: issues for industry & academe"

a report on a second workshop held at Burleigh Court, Loughborough University, in February 2001 to create a climate for closer association between industry and academia, with a view to stimulating research which is better informed about the industrial context, and encouraging industry to take greater responsibility for achieving that.

Manufacturing 2020

The Manufacturing 2020 panel of the Foresight Programme brought together business, government and the research base to develop a shared vision of the opportunities and challenges that could face manufacturing in the next twenty years and beyond.

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