Bob worked in GEC Avionics in various guises, and various guises of the company itself, for 14 years ...

1970-74 Elliott Automation Radar Systems / Advanced Projects Division: Early projects were concerned with radar systems research and development. Then took charge of the study, design, and specification of the central data processing system for the Nimrod Airborne Early Warning System. (Design concept presented at the 1974 NATO-AGARD conference in Greece.)

1974-77 Marconi Elliott Research Laboratory: Chief Software Development Engineer: responsibilities included the introduction of emerging software engineering practices. Also responsible for the Tornado-ADV software development team. Introduced a software quality assurance system (the first?) and undertook a range of research studies, from special-purpose ATE through Tornado weapons system to multiple processors for Nimrod-AEW.

1977-78 Secondment to MoD Royal Signals & Radar Establishment, Malvern: Research into system design techniques and tools, including a technology fact-finding tour of the US.

1978-82 Marconi (later GEC) Avionics/ Airborne Software Division: Chief Engineer responsible for building and managing a 50-strong Software Engineering Department charged with feasibility studies for a variety of new aircraft systems, together with research and development for techniques and tools, including the MENTOR natural language requirements specification system (patented). Personal responsibilities also included authority for technical aspects of quality assurance, and provision of technical consultancy throughout the various GEC Avionics sites.

1983-84 Airborne Software Division: Avionic Systems Engineering Manager of 160-strong team, responsible for development of all software and 'firmware' (approx. 20M worth) in the Tornado-ADV and the Nimrod-AEW. Also ran a programme of advanced research into technology to support development of systems for delivery into the next century.

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