ideo contracts have included:

• adviser to DTI on strategy for support of the Communication and Information Industries

• advising local authorities on major (100M-200M) public-private partnerships

• co-ordinator of the UK 'Systems Integration Initiative'

• adviser to both litigants and expert witnesses in IT-related contract disputes

• advising and auditing high-technology organisations on general business strategy and planning, with a view to integration of technology strategy and business strategy

• definition of research programmes for DTI and the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council

• facilitating UK participation in European R&D, on behalf of DTI

• consultant to the European Process Industries 'Core User Interest Group'

• consultant to the UK Conformance Assessment Scheme (for safety critical systems)

• consultant to the Health & Safety Executive study of competencies for safety-related systems professionals

• development of a strategy for evolutionary defence procurement, to benefit from civil technology

• consultancy to European Commission including: rapporteur for the Information Societies Technologies Advisory Group, 'Artemis' - the Embedded Systems 'Technology Platform, the Software, Services & Systems Technology Platform, the 'Integrated Programme Portfolio Analysis', evaluation of proposals; project reviewer; adviser on the European IT Investment Forum

• examination of economic performance of UK software industry for DTI, and subsequent establishment of the ‘Software Business Network

• technical consultant to the Health & Safety Executive study of professional competencies

• co-ordinator of the 40M DTI-SERC 'Safety Critical Systems Research Programme', following an earlier phase as Project Director for a DTI sponsored study of the requirements; chairman of the associated all-industries working party; preparation of the case for government support for the programme; and negotiation directly with the government minister.

• Bob has organised, facilitated and frequently chaired many and various workshops and conferences for government, industry, and academia.

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