Bob moved around within CAP, and then within Sema after the merger of CAP (UK) and Sema-Metra.

1984-87 CAP Scientific: Quality Manager, responsible for corporate policy and maintenance of NATO AQAP-1 & AQAP-13 registration. In addition, managed a large (for those times) fixed-price project definition contract for a new underwater test range.

Also chairman of the UK industry 'Software Technology Club', associated with the US Strategic Defense Initiative, involving all the significant UK electronics companies and systems and software houses. Planned and negotiated directly with the Pentagon a 50M programme of research (though ultimately we did not proceed).

Later, manager of 100-strong Information Technology Department responsible for the corporate research and development programme, technology and skill development, and staff and office management.

Then Research Centre Manager, responsible for the establishment of this centre as a new business group within the company, to undertake strategic research. Also Project Director for the Esprit Pangloss project.

1987-89 CAP Group - now Sema Group: CAP Group Research Manager, reporting to main board. Responsible for development of 5M pa Research and Development investment strategy and co-ordination of all R&D activities in support of that strategy. Managed all CAP Group involvement in third-party funded R&D programmes such as Esprit, Eureka, and IEATP. Project Director for the Esprit Sapphire project. Reviewer of the Esprit DRAGON project.

Led Sema into Euro-Method activities (culminating in Sema leadership of the eventual Euro-Method consortium). Negotiated CAP Group's entry into the 10 nation, Eureka Software Factory project and 2M grant for support from UK Government Project Manager and Control Board representative for CAP(UK). Other responsibilities included European marketing liaison and harmonisation of international technology investment.

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