Systems Integration Initiative

Mailing list

There is a mailing list for the Systems Integration Initiative, and in particular for the EPSRC managed programme in Systems Integration. To subscribe to this mailing list, just send an email to with the body containing the message:

subscribe sysint

The 'end' is to prevent the majordomo sysem from being confused by any signature files which might be added to your message. Any text in the 'subject' field of the message will be ignored.

To provide a small protection against junk-mailers, our present policy is to require approval of the list-owner, Bob Malcolm, to join the list. This should happen without you having to do anything else once you have submitted your 'subscribe ' request, but there may be a slight delay until Bob deals with the associated email. The address of the list is Once you are subscribed, an automatic message from the mailing list server will explain more about how to use the mailing list.

'Unsubscribe' should happen more or less immediately, unless you try to unsubscribe someone else - or even a different email address for yourself - which again requires the list-owner's approval. If you should wish to unsubscribe, please remember to send the message to - and not to the sysint list!

Again as a small protection against junk-mailers, there is no public access to the addresses on the list - not even for list users.

Bob will be updating the web site as the programme evolves, and will mail to the sysint list when anything significant happens. It will now be the primary means to reach all the projects in the programme, so it would be a really good idea for at least the Principal Investigators of projects to be subscribed.

Otherwise, this is your list - please use it (responsibly - it is too effort-intensive to moderate discussion on these lists, so anyone who abuses the list will simply be removed). Please invite your colleagues and collaborators to join.

On behalf of the community, Bob would like to thank Peter Henderson and his colleagues at Southampton University for providing this service.

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