Here is:

a brief briefing about the Initiative
a résumé of the technical directions taken in the programme
an overview of the supported projects
a summary of the history of calls for proposals and the responses
how to join the systems integration mailing list

We now have about 30 projects under way in this programme and there are unlikely to be more calls for proposals. However, 'systems integration' is now a recognised topic within both Engineering and IT&CS programmes of EPSRC, and proposals for research into systems integration may be made in those programmes in 'Responsive Mode'.

In July 2001, a meeting of investigators from most of the projects in the programme was held at LSE. Notes of that meeting are now here. Highlights of the conclusions were:

As further background, the requirements of the most recent calls for proposals are available here, along with project guidelines and examples of systems integration problems. There is Bob Malcolm's guidance on the form of research proposals which has been sought in this programme. We also make available here the guidance we gave to referees (lest anyone think that there might have been any conflict). There is also a shorter version of the guidance - the distilled key questions. Finally Bob offers some views on the appropriate way to formulate research objectives; these are quite generic and may be of interest to researchers making proposals elsewhere.


If in doubt, contact Bob at bobm@ideo.co.uk

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